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Dive into the music of Melissa Cox, which Columbus UWeekly hailed as a “deep, swirling medieval hip-hop”…

1. Run for It (with Søren N. Jørgensen)
2. Tall Kanuka (with Greg Wilson)
3. Amber
4. Rekindle
5. Our Love Goes to 11

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Remarkable, powerful, edgy,and sophisticated are just a few adjectives critics have used to describe the voice and music of Melissa Cox. Melissa’s lyrics lend a glipse into the heart of a girl born and raised in the United States, who sacrificed heart and home to relocate halfway around the world to New Zealand. As the Gisborne Herald explains, “The cover art shows a blonde in a blue dress, sitting on a cloud in a blue, blue sky….On A Cloud, Marooned speaks volumes about an artist split between two countries…”

From the pure rock angst of “Run For It,” to the indigenous battle cries of “Tall Kanuka,” to the deep sense of loss conveyed in “Amber,” and finally to the open-road jubilation of “Rekindle,” Melissa taps into the five stages of grief to come out on the other side in this moving, highly-produced album that will pull at your heart strings one minute, and have you smiling with hope the next.

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