Get Melissa’s Critically-Acclaimed Album “Harmonious Maladies”

“She leaps wildly from folksy alternative music to experimental, edgy rock, hitting every note in between.” (The Hunt Magazine)

1. Courage
2. The Shallow Deep
3. Ireland (co-written w/ Will Inglis)
4. Valedico
5. Gone Away (The Offspring cover)
6. To Carrie Fisher, with love
7. Explode
8. Petty Gun
9. Late to Say
10. Maluaka Beach
11. Vicarious (remix)

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Remarkable, powerful, edgy,and sophisticated are just a few adjectives critics have used to describe the voice and music of Melissa Cox. Running the gamut of styles and influences, Melissa’s beautifully crafted album Harmonious Maladies

From the powerful call to arms “Courage” to her hilarious homage to Princess Leia “To Carrie Fisher with love,” the sunny Hawaiian vibes of “Maluaka Beach” to her haunting rendition of The Offspring’s “Gone Away,” Melissa weaves an intricate sonic tapestry using threads from her broad range of musical influences.

Produced and co-engineered by Melissa herself, she has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this deep, dense album. Featuring medieval-sounding hammered dulcimer, mandolin, piano, thick synth vibes, fiddle, ukulele, lap steel guitar, angelic choirs, and so much more, no two tracks on this album sounds even remotely the same – a testament to Melissa’s versatility and her refusal to be pigeon-holed into one genre.

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