“One voice in a crowd of millions, shouting, singing, chanting ‘NO!’ against corruption, lies, bigotry, and fear.”

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“A phenomenal sound that is mesmerizing.” – GoGirls Music

“Wow, powerful!” – Gene Shay, 88.5 FM WXPN

“Powerful melodic vocals and thoughtful lyrics.”
– Honolulu Weekly

From environmental advocacy to religious freedom, the glass ceiling to political justice, Melissa’s songs drive at the heart of millennial angst and optimism while shining a light on the critical issues of our time.

With influences like Tori Amos, Paul Simon, and Led Zeppelin, Melissa’s lyrics lend a window into the heart of a girl born in the United States struggling to find her voice (and her right to that voice) during third-wave feminism and shifting cultural, religious, and political attitudes.

“In a community where you weren’t really allowed to share your views as a young woman, poetry and music became this wonderful safety zone. Everyone was hearing what I was saying, and nobody could stop me from saying it. It was the peaceful protest I had been looking for.”

For a limited time, Melissa is giving away her resistance song “For Patrick” about religious freedom. Just enter your name and email address and click the “Download Now” button, and you will be immediately sent the link to her critically-acclaimed track!