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“A true fusion of our Celtic heritage with the future. Loreena McKennitt meets Grace Slick meets Fiona Apple. Powerful!”

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See what others are saying about Melissa Cox…

“Exuberant violin and mandolin breaks…A sophisticated, highly-arranged approach to roots music. Cox sounds like a cross between Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick and Loreena McKennitt.” Sing Out Magazine

“Her music dives between Celtic folk and a Fiona Apple meets Loreena McKennitt sound, steadily waxing and waning – like taking deep breaths of music. I was left wanting more.” Goddess Queen Magazine

“Her music spins deep…A swirling, medieval hip-hop.” Columbus UWeekly

“Cox is unflaggingly present, cutting through with a workman’s mezzo soprano; gutsier than first it seems, less fragile than first it sounds.” Origivation Magazine

Take a sonic roller coaster ride through time and culture with the music of Melissa Cox…

Walk through green pastures and dance around bonfires under the stars with Melissa’s lush vocals and poetic lyrics backed by violins, Irish whistles, mandolin, piano, guitars, and tribal drums. With influences like Loreena McKennitt, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Massive Attack, Simon and Garfunkel, and Led Zeppelin, her music is a rich melting pot of musical styles including Celtic, World, electronic, Neo-folk, and rock.

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Hear for yourself why fans and critics have called Melissa Cox “essential listening for every Celtic and folk rock fan!”

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