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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! The beer gods have smiled upon us by putting St. Patrick’s Day on a Friday this year so that we can drink more and use Saturday at home to recover. And after the year we’ve all had, we definitely need some extra luck of the Irish!

Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, I release a FREE SONG for our fans to enjoy. Usually it’s a live track performed by my band Mythica, and this year is no exception. So, drum roll please….. your free song is…… ‘PICTON PICKIN’ !!!

Click here to download your copy of ‘Picton Pickin’

I wrote this song in July 2015 in a hostel in Picton, a tiny coastal town on the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Picton is, objectively, the second most beautiful town I’ve ever visited in New Zealand (second only to Kaikoura). Here’s a picture I took while I was there….

Picton New Zealand

I mean, COME ON, that view totally deserves a song!

The song chronicles my travels with Mythica’s fiddle player Erin and her bass and guitar playing husband Kevin. We experienced many beautiful sights on the road from Tauranga (where I live) to Picton, along with some not so fun mishaps, including my car getting broken into and some of my stuff stolen, and a very topsy-turvy ride on the Interislander ferry. I will tell you, trying to play music on the stormy high seas is VERY difficult when your lack of inner ear balance throws off your sense of keeping time with the rhythm. But we made it through!

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along!

Picton pickin, Picton pickin
Is the ferry sinkin’ as I’m singin’?
Picton’s where I’d rather wash ashore.
Picton pickin, Picton pickin
Where the dolphins dive
And the seals are swimmin’
Picton’s the place I really truly do adore.

Parked my car in Wellington one night up on the hill.
The sun came up, I grabbed my stuff and I headed for the pier.
Got to my car and screamed ‘Oh no!” and cursed that Wellington ass
Who made off with my iPod and smashed my window glass.

Don’t need your Philadelphia, I can’t breathe in old L.A.
New York’s alright just for a week and Auckland for a day.
Somewhere down south I left my soul in the sounds of magical Marlborough
At the time of reckoning, I reckon to Picton I will go.

Up and down these coasts I fly, marooned up in the air.
A million tiny paper cuts upon my heart so fair.
But when I see the glistening of Picton’s emerald shores,
My pain it melts into the sea and happiness restores.

If you liked this foot-stompin’, trail-skippin’ little romp, then you’ll love my band Mythica’s first two albums “Dangerous Little Monster” and “Vicarious”, featuring songs similar to “Picton Pickin” plus a whole lot more! Get both albums for a crazy low price of just $15.95 – CLICK HERE to preview tracks and grab your copies today!

Melissa xoxo

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