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“Melissa has a voice–a beautiful one – which she uses to shed light on social issues, concern for the environment, and as therapy to mend a broken heart.” (Indulge Magazine)

1. Becoming
2. Killers (with Kamu)
3. Empty Room
4. Accidental Angel
5. It’s Coming (with Kamu)
6. Doublethink
7. This Body Is Our Mother
8. Easy (with Kamu)
9. Peace (with Kamu)
10. Picton Pickin’
11. Ladder to the Soul
12. Goofy Footed Betty
13. Fire Child
14. Hey Paul
15. Empty Room (acoustic)

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Powerful, edgy, emotive,and sophisticated are just a few adjectives critics and fans have used to describe the voice and music of Melissa Cox.

Her tenth album “Crimson Daughter” is a tour de force that tackles pressing and sometimes unsettling issues with poetic precision and witty candor. From the threat of totalitarianism, to an appeal for Mother Earth, to coming to terms with her own heartbreaking miscarriage, Melissa dissects each topic with honest lyrics woven through electronic World fusion beats, haunting Irish whistle licks, lush piano compositions, and dirty, distorted guitars. The songs give a nod to her influences Tori Amos, the Cranberries, Massive Attack, and Sarah McLachlan, while still sounding fresh and inventive on their own merits.

Produced and co-engineered by Melissa herself, she is joined on four tracks by Oahu, Hawaii trip hop producer Kamu. No two tracks on this album sound even remotely the same – a testament to Melissa’s versatility and her refusal to be pigeon-holed into one genre.

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