Thank You for ordering Crimson Daughter!

Click here to download the tracks directly from Google Drive

Download instructions
If you’re familiar with Google Drive, then you know how this works. But just in case you are new to it, here are instructions on how to download the tracks. I recommend using a real internet connection or WiFi, instead of your phone data. These are high quality mp3s so they are a bigger than normal mp3s.

From your computer: To download the mp3s, look for a little down arrow, either hovering over the file itself, or somewhere at the top of the page. Click the down arrow to download each file individually to your computer. Or, RIGHT CLICK on the file and choose “Download” from the options.

From your smartphone: A down arrow may not be immediately apparent. To download each song, tap each song file, then tap either a blue “Download” button, or a down arrow that pops up.

From your iPad / Tablet: For some reason, if you have the Google Drive app installed on your iPad or tablet, it’ll give you all sorts of headaches (for instance, no download arrows, a song might be missing) In that case, COPY AND PASTE this link into the internet browser app on your device (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer) and get to the files that way. HIGHLIGHT, COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK INTO YOUR INTERNET BROWSWER ON YOUR IPAD OR TABLET:

Still having problems downloading?
No worries, just email me at and I will email you the mp3s as attachments right away. I know this technology can be annoying at times!

Happy listening, talk soon!