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Empty Room
Accidental Angel
Gone Away
Picton Pickin’

Hey, thanks for checking out my music! Before you go find that email I just sent you, I wanted to offer you something really special – a FREE album!

Yes, you read that right — when you order my album “Crimson Daughter” in either CD or digital format, you will get my album “Harmonious Maladies” absolutely FREE!

In a world bombarded by hollow “muzak,” full of Justin Biebers and manufactured K Pop bands, I have one mission: to create REAL, emotionally-driven music for serious listeners like you who appreciate musical complexity and poetic lyrics.

Music is the balm that heals the broken heart, soothes the stressed mind, and calms the agitated soul. It’s the release you feel when you cry it out over a ballad after a loss. It’s the euphoria you feel as you dance your butt off at a concert. It’s the freedom you experience as you sing at the top of your lungs in the car.

Featuring 26 songs, these two albums span a wide range of genres, from Celtic Fusion to classic rock, World Beat to bluegrass, progressive rock to folk. (There’s even a Hawaiian-inspired song!) No two tracks sound the same, and I promise you won’t get bored. I threw everything but the kitchen sink at these two albums: violins, Irish whistle, piano, hammered dulcimer, bagpipes, cello, mandolin, guitars, ukulele, synth and symphonies, djembes and drum kits…. heck, there’s even a kazoo solo (for real!)

So if you are ready for a musical roller coaster ride filled with true love, tragic loss, spirituality, mysticism, transcendence, the high mountains of New Zealand to the blue waters of Hawaii, the ancient ruins of Scotland to the rolling hills of Appalachia, it’s all here in these two albums, from my heart to your ears.

With all my love,