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“A swirling, medieval hip-hop.” Columbus UWeekly
“Powerful vocals…thoughtful lyrics.” Honolulu Weekly
“Wow! Powerful!” 88.5 FM WXPN Philadelphia

Hi, I’m Melissa, thanks for checking out my music! I started writing songs when I was just 3 years old (I sang them into my little Fisher Price tape recorder…can’t say they were Grammy worthy though, LOL). Growing up, I sang primarily classical music in school and church choirs. When I was 14, I discovered the music of Sarah McLachlan, Shawn Colvin, and Simon and Garfunkel, and I got so inspired that I taught myself how to play guitar. Since then I’ve picked up the mandolin, ukulele, piano, and Irish whistle. In college, I started a Celtic Fusion band called Mythica. We toured all over the US and opened for some pretty big names (Spin Doctors, Sister Hazel, Three Dog Night, Black 47, the Young Dubliners, the Screaming Orphans).

Now I’m going to warn you about something: I get bored easily. And by that I mean I hate sticking to one musical style or genre. And if you’re like me, I bet you don’t like listening to just one style of music either (life would be very boring if we did!) Sing Out Magazine put it best when they said my music and voice “sounds like a cross between Loreena McKennitt and Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick.” I think that’s pretty accurate. One of my fans once told me that I sound like if Tori Amos and Enya had a love child. Sorta Celtic-y, sorta electronic, sorta rock n roll, sorta folk. If you listen to any of my 11 albums, you’ll notice that no two songs sound the same, and that’s precisely what I set out to do: traverse the musical landscape, looking for ways to fuse together styles, influences, and instrumentation.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell =) I hope you’ll sign up to get three of my songs for free, along with some other cool stuff like behind the scenes videos, stories, lyrics, and more. (I promise I won’t spam you, or give away your personal info to anyone else.) Join me on this cool musical journey and we can get to know one another. Thanks for listening and enjoy! xoxox Melissa