Discover the Celtic soundscapes & heart-pounding tribal drums of award-winning artist Melissa Cox

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“A swirling, medieval hip-hop.” Columbus UWeekly

“Cox sounds like a cross between Loreena McKennitt and Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick.” Sing Out Magazine

“Wow, how amazingly soulful. Gave me goosebumps.” Marc T., fan

“Utterly amazed!! I can just see a fair lass wandering through the woods in the Highlands, searching her feelings, coming to grips with some deep, emotional pain. Bravo!!” John S., fan

If you love artists like Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Joni Mitchell, or Clannad, then I invite you to experience my music – a marriage between Celtic and World Beat, folk and electronic, medieval and modern. A lush landscape of violins, whistles, dulcimer, guitar and mandolin weaving through tribal drums and haunting layered vocals.

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